2015-08-19 06:49:16

An invitation to travel

Are you a traveller or an urban adventurer? Then the NOMAD is the ideal headlamp for you! This powerful and multi-talented device has a streamlined design and features all desired specifications. This makes the NOMAD the best solution for all your bicycle trips, both during the day and in the dark.

The most distinctive tool of the NOMAD is its integrated USB port. With this element, compatible with nearly all mobile USB devices (mobile phones, navigation systems, camera’s, iPods…), you can charge its batteries whilst riding your bike.

To optimally use this special feature, the NOMAD is supplied with a universal silicon strap. With this convenient strap, it is very easy to mount your mobile phone (or other device) on the handlebar of your bicycle. During your bike ride you can outline your route, while the battery is being charged by the NOMAD.

Nomad collage