2015-06-22 07:49:51

Retro is back in trend!

Fashion for retro and vintage style has gradually moved from clothing to bicycles. Cities all over the world are being invaded by retro style bikes with matching accessories, like cycle bags, baskets or lights. Spanninga is following the trend for a few years and now offers a wide range of stylish headlamps, rearlights, reflectors and bells. Big round design and razzle-dazzle chrome-plating fit perfectly with trendy cruiser, cargo or mother’s bikes.

Out now! For easy and stylish retro exposure in the shops: Spanninga compact retro counter displays. Several models available: Swingo Xb chrome, Nr. 9 Xb, Pixeo Xb, Easyring chrome, Nr. 8, Nr. 15, carrier reflectors and a mixed model with Swingo + Nr. 9 (both battery and dynamo version).

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