2016-03-10 11:36:43

RKF approval for NOMAD and NR 9

High quality and secure lights for every bike; that is one of the main goals of Spanninga. It is therefore no surprise that we are a huge proponent of the RKF approval from the RAI (Dutch auto and 2 wheel association). In this way, Dutch consumers can quickly and easily see which bicycle lights meet the norms, says Spanninga’s President and strong supporter of the RKF system, Feike Spanninga. Good news then that two popular Spanninga lights – the NOMAD headlamp (with USB port for charging mobile devices whilst riding your bike) and the retro look NR 9 rearlight – received an RKF approval this month. Curious which other lights have an RKF approval? Take a look in our assortment.