2016-07-18 08:58:11

SPANNINGA x UNION new light concept

A few months ago, Dutch bike specialist UNION presented their new bicycle concept, Union LITE. While developing this bike’s concept, SPANNINGA has worked, in cooperation with the agency NPK to design front and rear lights fully integrated into the tube frame.

“The light is exclusively designed for the Union Lite and a perfect fit for the minimalistic design of this Urban bike” according to spokesperson Koen van der Weerd from Union. “The great thing is that the light is easily plugged in or out, allowing Urban bikers to easily attach a front carrier to the bike, or any of the other modules. The users helped co-create some of the clever extensions for the bike, allowing Union to create the first modular bike, literally created by and for Urban bikers. Certainly also thanks to the partnership between Spanninga and Union we can speak of high-end Dutch Craftmenship.”