2015-11-16 12:32:32

Co-development between Trek and Spanninga creates elegant 'Forklight 2.0'

Since many years, specially selected bicycle models of Trek are being equipped with custom made lights of Spanninga. It is partly due to this that these bicycles have such a unique and recognizable appearance. The latest result of this collaboration is the Forklight 2.0.

The integrated headlamp combines an elegant and slim look with modern light techniques. The Light Guide Technology (LGT® developed by Spanninga) connects two LED lights into a V-shaped bridge, which is integrated in the Trek Bontrager front fork. To optimally secure the safety of the bicycle rider, the Frontlight 2.0 is also equipped with daytime running light (DRL® developed by Spanninga). This means the Forklight 2.0 gives a light output of 10 Lux during the day and switches automatically to 35 Lux when the sky gets dark.

The collaboration between Trek and Spanninga indicates how design and integration go hand in hand and shows a beautiful result of this strategy.

Check for more information: www.trekbikes.com

Trek Forklight 2.0