Our values define who we are. They guide the way we work with our business partners, within our communities and with each other.

Causes we support

One of our main values is safety. And this comes in many shapes and forms. Therefore, we feel that an important part of our company is to support charity organisations who make the world a safer place. Read moreClose

For more than 20 years, Spanninga is a dedicated sponsor to Fonds Slachtofferhulp. This charity organisation helps over 400 projects each year; all of them focused on helping people who became a victim after some sort of traumatic situation. Fonds Slachtofferhulp helps men and women to continue their lives after these traumatic events. In the movie below you can see what this charity is all about:


The family-run business Spanninga Metaal B.V. was founded in 1918 and is situated in Joure, the Netherlands. Read moreClose

The established know-how of SPANNINGA in electronics, optics and design of bicycle lights and components have led a large number of OEM customers to work in close collaboration with our group in order to develop specific lighting solutions meeting their particular requirements.

Foundation by Hotso Spanninga of SPANNINGA METAAL BV in JOURE (the Netherlands), specialized in precious metal forge and in particular plaques.

Due to exceptional performance, SPANNINGA METAAL BV receives the distinguished title of ‘Purveyor to the Royal Household of the Netherlands’.

Start of the bicycle lighting activity for SPANNINGA METAAL BV. Hotso Spanninga being originally a goldsmith, first Spanninga rearlights were artwork: polished until they shine like jewels.

Foundation by Mr. Josserand of JOS in NANTUA (France), one of Spanninga’s French competitors specialized in bicycle and automotive lighting.

1950 ‘s
Creation by SPANNINGA of first plastic optical blocs for rearlights replacing glass.

Creation by Hotso Spanninga of first rearlights with bayonet fitting of the bulb.

Introduction by SPANNINGA METAAL BV of the first reflectors integrated on pedals.

Gatze and Gerben (Jeppe) Spanninga take over SPANNINGA METAAL BV from their father. The brothers each own 50% of the shares. Unfortunately, Gerben Spanninga dies in 1972 at the young age of 43 years.

Production by SPANNINGA METAAL BV of license plates for mopeds.

1970 ‘s
Takeover of JOS by CIBIE in NANTUA (France).

Production by SPANNINGA METAAL BV of the first red reflectors for Dutch bikes (became compulsory in the Netherlands in 1977).

JOS becomes independent again and is called JOS/CIBIE.

Start of production of bicycle bells.

Feike Spanninga takes over SPANNINGA METAAL BV from his father.

Start of production of kickstands.

Takeover of JOS by SPANNINGA METAAL BV and creation of the company JOS INTERNATIONAL in NANTUA (France).

Takeover of the Belgian company EKOLIGHT.

Creation of a joint-venture named Q-LITE in TAICHUNG (Taiwan).

Creation of first light sensors in bicycle lights.

Sale of automotive activities of JOS INTERNATIONAL and focus on bicycle lighting.

Transfer of Q-LITE’s production to HUIZHOU (China).

Takeover of HELLA BIKE Europe activities and creation of a subsidiary called SBC in SHUNDE (China).

Takeover of PHILIPS bicycle lighting assets.


The first reason for having lights on a bicycle is safety, for the cyclist but also for other vehicles. Lights improve the cyclist’s visibility and clearly indicate the position of the bicycle as well as any change in direction, in the most difficult conditions (night, rain, fog, and so on…). Read moreClose

Product quality and user safety are the 2 main commitments of our forward-looking group. Offering the best safety conditions means offering high-quality products to rely on. That’s why we provide a large range of products, all of them developed for specific needs and for an easy use.

Our lights, both front and rear, comply with this requirement by offering a great visibility. In order to determine the visibility distance of our lights, Spanninga has defined specific calculations linked to light illumination. In the same way, the battery lifetime of our products is measured until the light illumination reaches the minimum visibility level at 10m that we have determined, which is 0,25 Lux for front lights and 0,5 cd for rear lights. The visibility distance and battery lifetime of our products are clearly mentioned on our packaging.
Since its creation, the Spanninga Group has maintained the highest standards of quality control in order to satisfy continuously customer needs and expectations.

Quality tests

From the development phase until their launch on the market, all our products go through a number of tests that have been carefully defined in our quality policy:

–       Photometric values are regularly measured to make sure the light output and visibility meets our expectations and the regulations we apply for,

–       Shock resistance tests are carried out to ensure the best use of our products in all kinds of conditions (vibration and crash tests, temperature tests, UV, moisture and corrosion tests, durability tests, etc.),

–       Water resistance is controlled to achieve the IPX3 rating (protection against spraying and splashing water).


User friendliness also means quality; that is why we are very attentive to the battery consumption during the conception phase. Our development team gives priority to technologies offering very low battery consumption in order to offer the longest time of use of our lighting products. We also pay great attention to the quality of the batteries we use and mainly supply our products with high-performance batteries.



Over the years, Spanninga has always created exclusive and innovative high-end lights. Our unique touch has brought illustrious bike manufacturers to work with us to develop specially-designed products for their bicycles. Read moreClose

The high quality of the Spanninga name in this field is rewarded by the satisfaction and the trust of our customers.

Spanninga’s design vision focuses on a strong link between technology and design. In most of our products, technology is not hidden but rather integrated into the design of the product and therefore displayed as a real asset. We are convinced that internal technical elements (like cooling elements, optical parts etc.) give another dimension to our creations and highlight the authenticity of our products.

SketchesOur approach to bicycle lights design is to maintain, in addition to the core functionalities of the product, clear and clean surfaces and limited control elements (like integrated switch or attachment).

The use of innovative combinations of materials (like brushed aluminum or stainless steel) and the selection of specific colour shades enhanced by the Spanninga icon contribute to a certain harmony to make it easier to distinguish our brand based on the design of our products.





Spanninga brand stands for innovation. That is how we managed to gain the trust and recognition from our customers for almost a hundred years. Read moreClose

“Keeping ahead of light” is and has always been the philosophy of our brand based on constant and extended research in new technologies, optics, electronics and study of the use by the consumer.
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