Ultra-thin, powerful and designed in a very innovative and modern way: the ARCO series will perfectly fit any MTB, trekking bike or other sportive vehicle. This light – featuring the ground-breaking COB LED technology – comes in a front light, rear light and as a set.

With an impressive 80 Lumens light output, the ARCO FRONT provides a very safe feature to your bicycle and ensures an optimal sight and visibility both in the city and more rural landscapes.

Environmental friendly  
The ARCO FRONT suits the needs of any modern-day cyclist in several ways: not only by using COB LEDs, but also by featuring a rechargeable battery. Good for the environment, as there is no need to replace batteries. The ARCO FRONT is supplied with a micro USB cable, which can be used to recharge the battery on your laptop within a few hours only.

The ARCO FRONT has a remarkable burn time of 8h (in eco mode), 10h (in flash mode) and 5h (in normal mode). This headlamp is very light weight (<30g) and features a handy battery-load indicator: when the light starts to burn, it is time to recharge your battery.

Supplied with an O-ring bracket, the ARCO FRONT can be mounted quickly but firmly on handlebars.

Technical specifications
Light source
White COB LED > 80 Lumens
Power source

Li-Po rechargeable battery via USB


> 5h (on) / 8h (eco) / 10h (flash)

Battery Load Indicator




On / Eco / Flash