The elegant high-power AXENDO range distinguishes itself with its amazing styling, technology, light output and various power sources. For each type of bicycle and for every cyclist, the AXENDO range offers a perfect solution headlamp.

For outdoor practice, the AXENDO USB-rechargeable headlamps come in a 40 Lux (200 Lumens) and 60 Lux (300 Lumens) light output version, both of them with an amazing visibility distance, both front and lateral. The headlamps have an elegant contrasting silicone band, which gives it a unique touch.

The AXENDO 60 USB has 2 high-power REBEL© LEDs and features the unique Reverse Beam Technology© which projects an impressive 60 Lux light output in a bright – but non-blinding – light beam. The headlamp is equipped with a an adjustable – easy to mount and quick-release bracket which can be mounted on all types of handlebars. The high-quality aluminium alloy housing accounts for its robust and luxurious appearance.

With its strong and durable lithium Li-Ion USB-rechargeable battery, it features 3 power modes: boost (60 Lux), normal (30 Lux) and eco (10 Lux). Switching from one power mode to the other is very easy with its multifunctional safe-switch – one long pressure to switch on and off, one quick pressure to switch between the modes. The respective burning hours per power mode are 5h (boost), 9h (normal) and 16h (eco). Battery almost empty? Not a problem: the handy battery load indicator gives a signal after which you are right on time to charge the battery with the USB-cable (supplied) within about 4h.

Technical specifications
Light source
2 white LEDs > 60 Lux / 300 Lumens
Power source

Li-Ion rechargeable battery via USB


> 5h (boost) / 9h (on) / 16h (eco)

Battery Load Indicator



Boost / On / Eco