Mini size, maxi effect! The DOT front and rear lights are a condensate light set with a lot of energy! Decked with a 3 dimensional pattern, they are an optimal solution for quick and affordable safety while commuting or any city/sporty use.

With 25mm diameter only (hardly the size of a 2 Euro coin!) and a weight of 15g, it operates with 2 cell batteries for a fantastic burntime of 20h in normal mode and 140h in flash mode. But don’t let its small size fool you, because the DOT has an impressive bright light beam with a light output of 10 Lumens.

With its clean and round design, the DOT is extremely easy to attach/dismount on any tube from 19 to 32mm thanks to its built-in silicone adjustable bracket. Besides, replacing batteries is painless and does not require any tooling. This makes the DOT an ideal city light which fits every type of bicycle.

Technical specifications
Light source
1 white LED > 10 Lumens
Power source

Batteries 2 x CR2032 3V


> 20h / 140h (flash)

Danish regulation : > 30h / 140h (flash)

Battery Load Indicator



On / Flash