The NOMAD is a very powerful and multi-talented headlamp, designed to make every bicycle trip more secure and comfortable, both during the day and night.


Sporty yet sophisticated
The NOMAD is undeniably a sportive headlamp, due to its streamlined and dynamic shape. It is also extremely light weight. This sophisticated headlamp is built with matte finish aluminum and silicone elements in combination with an integrated reflector, turning the NOMAD into a real piece-of-art on the front of e-bike.

With a light output of more than 40 Lux, the NOMAD ensures an optimised efficiency and safety during nightly bicycle trips. The NOMAD is equipped with a Daytime Running Light function: due to a dimmed light beam of 10 Lux and an extra LED placed into the reflector, optimal visibility is guaranteed during daytime. Besides that, you can use the integrated USB port of the NOMAD to charge your mobile phone, navigation device, camera, iPod, etc in a few hours whilst travelling with your bike. The USB port is covered with a playful cap to protect it from water and dirt.

Universal silicone strap
To make an optimal use of the USB port, the NOMAD is delivered with a universal silicone strap. With this strap, you can mount easily and firmly your mobile phone, GPS system or other devices on the handlebar or tubes of your bike. The strap is very strong, water-resistant and universal in use – it is suitable for handlebars and tubes of all diameters.

Technical specifications
Light source
1 white LED > 40 Lux
Power source

E-bike 6-36VDC


Battery Load Indicator


Daytime Running Light

USB charge