Ultra-thin, powerful and designed in a very innovative and modern way: the ARCO series will perfectly fit any MTB, trekking bike or other sportive vehicle. This light – featuring the ground-breaking COB LED technology – comes in a front light, rear light and as a set.

With an impressive 30 Lumens light beam, the ARCO REAR provides a very safe feature to your bicycle and ensures an optimal visibility both in the city and more rural landscapes.

Environmental friendly  
The ARCO REAR suits the needs of any modern-day cyclist in several ways: not only by using COB LEDs, but also by featuring a rechargeable battery. Good for the environment, as there is no need to replace batteries. The ARCO REAR is supplied with a micro USB cable, which can be used to recharge the battery on your laptop within a few hours only.

The ARCO REAR has a remarkable burn time of 8h (in eco mode), 10h (in flash mode) and 5h (in normal mode). This rearlight is very light weight (<30g) and features a handy battery-load indicator: when the light starts to burn, it is time to recharge your battery.

Supplied with 2 size O-ring brackets, the ARCO REAR can be mounted quickly but firmly either on seat-posts or on seat-stays.

Technical specifications
Light source
Red COB LED > 30 Lumens
Power source

Li-Po rechargeable battery via USB


> 5h (on) / 8h (eco) / 10h (flash)

Battery Load Indicator



On / Eco / Flash