Outstanding design and outstanding performance! Out of its unique and original look on the bike, the O-GUARD ensures a high degree of visibility on your rear fender and thus safety on the road.

Special chassis
The original outline of the O-GUARD contributes to make your bike unique in the traffic. Its special silicone switch – marked with the Spanninga logo – is easily accessible and pleasant to use.

Featuring the latest LED technology, the O-GUARD uses 2 low consumption LEDs, generating a bright light ring, burning up to 50 hours in the battery version. Next to this, the O-GUARD is also available in a dynamo version and a version for e-bikes.

* connection to dynamo via headlamp

Technical specifications

Xds / Xb / Xe

Light source
2 red LEDs > 4 Cd
Power source

Dynamo (Xds)*

Batteries 2 x AAA 1.5V (Xb)


> 50h (Xb)

Danish regulation : > 30h (Xb)

Battery Load Indicator

Yes (Xb)


Safe-Stop (Xds)