The PRESTO 2 is one of the most compact and light weight rearlights of Spanninga. This makes the PRESTO 2 ideally suited for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time in attaching and maintaining their bike lights.


Ready in 2 seconds!
The PRESTO 2 is very convenient. Thanks to its rubber ring, you can easily and quickly attach the PRESTO 2 rearlight to the seat-post of your bike (from 25-35mm diameter), without any tool. This makes the PRESTO 2 suitable for universal use on all kinds of bikes. The PRESTO 2 is easy to attach and to remove. After removing the light, you can place it in your pocket or bag to prevent theft.

The PRESTO 2 has a discrete and handy switch, which is extremely easy to handle to switch your light on and off. The PRESTO 2 burns over 10 hours with only two cell batteries. A low battery indicator will warn you when you run out of batteries. And changing the batteries is again very easy: no tool is needed, a coin is enough to open it.

Technical specifications
Light source
1 red LED > 4 Cd
Power source

Batteries 2 x LR44 1.5V


> 10h

Battery Load Indicator