Powerful and compact, the silicone JET front and rear lights are the best match for optimal safety. Equipped with a micro USB plug (cable supplied), it is also environment-friendly since no extra battery is necessary.


Extremely convenient
JET lights can easily be fitted to your bike with their flexible and compact mounting system. Their wide switches also allow easy handling (even with gloves).

JET lights are equipped with an LED indicator showing when the rechargeable battery capacity is low. When it is flashing, you simply have to connect it to your laptop for a few hours to be able to use it again.


Technical specifications
Light source
JET FRONT : 2 white LEDs > 20 Lumens | JET REAR : 2 red LEDs > 20 Lumens
Power source

Li-Po rechargeable battery via USB


> 8h / 30h (flash)
Danish regulation : > 15h / 94h (flash)

Battery Load Indicator


Steady / Flash