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Following the success of the TRIGON range series, Spanninga launches the LANZA SET, an economical little brother of the TRIGON 10 SET. Low price, high performance! The LANZA SET consists of the LANZA headlamp and DOT rearlight.

LANZA headlamp
Decked with a 3 dimensional pattern, its design and compact dimensions make the LANZA an optimal torch for commuting or any city/sporty use. Equipped with 1 bright LED, the headlamp provides 20 Lumens light output for great front visibility up to 1 500m, but also lateral visibility with its backlit glass ring surrounding the torch.

DOT rearlight
The DOT rearlight is a condensate light with a lot of energy! With 25mm only and equipped with 1 bright LED, the rearlight provides 10 Lumens light output for great rear visibility up to 500m.

Featuring 2 power modes, both the LANZA and the DOT shine up to 30h in steady mode and more than 3 times longer in flashing mode (with batteries supplied).

The LANZA SET is also extremely easy to use without any tool: battery replacement and mounting or removal from the bike can be handled as easily as breathing.

Technical specifications
Light source
LANZA : 1 white LED > 20 Lumens | DOT : 1 red LED > 10 Lumens
Power source

Batteries 2 x AA 1.5V (LANZA) + 1 x CR2032 3V (DOT)


LANZA : > 30h / 100h (flash)

DOT : > 30h / 200h (flash)

Battery Load Indicator


On / Flash