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Where can I find Spanninga products?

Spanninga products are available in many shops all around the world. You can find them in our DEALER LOCATOR section. You can call us for more information!

My Spanninga product is broken. What shall I do?

All your Spanninga products have a warranty against manufacturing / material faults. If you have a problem with your product, please refer to the shop where you have bought it. The shop will then check the problem you have with your product and determine whether it is guarantee or not. Remark : The warranty does not apply to modifications, irregular use of the product or abuse.

What’s the difference between standard bulbs, halogen bulbs and LEDs?

Standard lamps operate with vacuum inside the bulb. Halogen bulbs operate with halogen gas. Both of these lamps are called incandescent because they work with a glowing spiral of wolfram. LEDs are completely different since they work semi-conductor material as a light source. Halogen lamps can operate at a higher temperature than standard bulbs, this gives it a slightly higher efficiency than standards lamps. LEDs have an extremely long lifetime (about 100 000 hours), which means that compared to halogen and standard bulbs, they never need to be changed. They can also produce more light than standard and halogen bulbs, and need less energy to do so.

How long does my Spanninga light last when the low-battery indicator is on?

It all depends on the product, but the low-battery indicator generally switches on when there is 10% battery left.

What’s the distance of visibility of Spanninga rearlights?

It all depends on the rearlight, but it varies from 400m to 1000 m (it is usually indicated on the packaging).

What do all those codes mean after the name of the products: Xd, Xba, Hda, etc.?

To make it short, Spanninga uses letters to specify the features of its products:

-        X stands for LED products

-        H stands for halogen bulb products

-        B stands for battery-operated products

-        D stands for dynamo-operated products

-        E stands for e-bike products

-        O stands for On/Off, with manual switch (for hub dynamos)

-        A stands for automatic function, with light and motion sensor

-        S stands for safe-stop function: the light shines for 4min (dynamo) and 20 sec (battery) when the bike is stopped

Here you can download a recap chart.

What batteries shall I buy to fit in my Spanninga product?

All our battery-operated products are supplied with everything you need: batteries, brackets, lanyards. We are very attentive to the battery consumption during the conception phase. Our development team gives priority to technologies offering very low battery consumption in order to offer the longest time of use of our lighting products. We also pay great attention to the quality of the batteries we use and only supply our products with high-performance alkaline batteries, which are twice as efficient as saline batteries.

What do the colour icons on the packaging mean?

The icons on the packaging explain the various features of the products.

Here you can download a short glossary.

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