DRL Technology

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DRL technology© (Daytime Running Light Technology)

The Daytime-Running Light function increases the visibility of the bicycle, and protects the rider during the day. This function features one or more LEDs which shine automatically during the daytime to bring extra visibility. When it gets dark, a light sensor dims the daytime LEDs and lets the main beam take over. Howether the DRL is not a lighting system in itself: while the main beam is directed towards the road to allow the rider to see his way, the daytime running LEDs shine straight to allow him to be seen by other road users (visible enough to see but not blinding).


Custom made

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Sparta logo

“Safety is crucial, so we pay a lot of attention to safety in respect of bicycles for adults and bicycles for children. This is an essential part of the briefing. In our opinion it is very important that the lighting is not damaged when the bicycle falls. Also very important is the fact that the lighting is always working, in twilight as well as in the dark! And finally, in the development of the SL-18 headlight not only did we pay attention to the quantity of light so that the cyclist could see very well, but also to the aspect of ‘being seen’. That’s why we gave our utmost attention to the visibility of the vulnerable side of the cyclist! Co-operating with Spanninga we know that we can count on expertise, gained over many years, which is not only impor­tant for the Netherlands but also for the countries where we export. Just look at the new headlight we developed together! With this design we prove that we are leading in that field. It is a must for Sparta to be a leader in several segments of the market. Spanninga really helps us to achieve this performance by developing new technologies and designs.” Sales Manager – SPARTA 

A few co-developments with SPARTA

Batavus logo

“Safety has always been an important issue for Batavus. In a country where people are always using the bicycle as often as in the Netherlands, in daylight as well as in the dark, in all weathers, good lighting is a must! Spanninga helps us to make our clients visible by offering the right products and thinks alongside us in the development of new products. Purchasing a bicycle is becoming more and more an emo­tional choice. An appealing design is of great importance. Batavus designs almost all their components themselves. Span­ninga helps us to transfer these designs in solutions which fulfil our quality and safety standards. Cooperating with Spanninga means a big advantage of design freedom. Spanninga is a company that is constantly trying to update their products. They come up regularly with new develop­ments which follow the latest lighting trends. Furthermore they know how to implement these innovations in our own designs. Our most recent line of headlights and rearlights is a good example of this way of working.” Product Manager – BATAVUS

“For the last couple of years we have developed several lights with Spanninga. The timeframe from the start of the development till the moment we needed the lights for series production was very short. We started by presenting our design ideas and Spanninga then played a big role in arranging the technical drawings. The process was best described as effective, well-structured and creative. We all knew that there was no time for anything to go wrong during the development. Spanninga convinced us from day one that they were able to meet our requirements and they succeeded in this far above expectations. We were confident of their capabilities to make it on time and this will be remembered for future projects. We are very satisfied with the knowledge and input of the whole team. After the introductions we have received nothing but positive feedback from both dealers and consumers. Spanninga did a great job. Purchaser – BATAVUS

A few co-developments with BATAVUS

Trek logo

“For Trek Benelux, as being part of a worldwide company, safety is of very great importance. As one of the initiators of the RAI-mark for bicycle lighting (RKF), Spanninga has proved to consider safety, like us, as a high priority. Trek has carried out several projects in which design and integration were important requirements. Spanninga was closely involved in the development of the projects and could easily meet the wishes of our designers and engineers. Spanninga is capable of delivering the right things to customers and to us as a bicycle manufacturer in the constantly changing lighting market.” Product Manager Benelux – TREK

A few co-developments with TREK

Gazelle logo

“Safety is an important issue for us. Our lighting must meet what we call ‘robust quality’ with which ‘to see’ and ‘being seen’ is of great importance. This must last over the total lifetime of the bicycle. One of the brand visions of Gazelle is ‘smart design’. This provides us a great part of our distinctive position in the cycle market. So that is how we add value to our bicycles. Spanninga delivers a very good balance in price/quality and combines this for e.g. rearlights with good lightguiding technologies. Moreover they are leaders in the modular construction of their products.” Innovation Manager – GAZELLE

A few co-developments with GAZELLE

Moustache logo

“When working on the front light integration on our city model LUNDI 26 we were happy to find a reactive team and support of Spanninga. This gives a unique result and look to our products. We are also using the nice Pixeo on all our models. Minimalistic design, quality and efficiency at an affordable price. Great cooperation!”
General Manager – MOUSTACHE BIKES

Koga logo

“When we asked Spanninga to make us an offer for a new rearlight for one of our e-bike battery series, already in the beginning they surprised us with a working prototype to demonstrate their technology. During the project there was good collaboration between us and Spanninga R&D. They managed to translate our demanding design ideas into a good looking and well-functioning product. And on top of that they managed to do this in time. It was a pleasure to work with Spanninga in this project.” Product Engineer – KOGA

Scott logo

“Looking for a headlamp, integrated into the stems, we contacted Spanninga. The development with them was very smooth and quick! Communication went very well from the real beginning. The result is a light with a streamlined design which really fits the bike.” Product Manager – SCOTT

Union logo

“Union was looking for a fully integrated front and rearlight into the tube frame of our Union Lite bicycle. In the end, Spanninga designed a light exclusively for the Union Lite. It makes a perfect fit for the minimalistic design of this Urban bike. The great thing is that the light is easily plugged in or out, allowing Urban bikers to easily attach a front carrier to the bike, or any of the other modules. The users helped co-create some of the clever extensions for the bike, allowing Union to create the first modular bike, literally created by and for Urban bikers. Certainly also thanks to the partnership between Union and Spanninga we can speak of high-end Dutch Craftmenship.” Commercial Manager – UNION

Giant logo

“Lighting dreams come true with the stunning and exciting Prime E+ as a result of the collaboration between both Giant and Spanninga!” Product Manager – GIANT

Some other co-developments

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